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  • How Local Businesses Are Coping With the Coronavirus Lockdown LIFESTYLE 30 hours ago By Samantha Khor It’s been a rough few weeks for small business owners. To curb coronavirus, Malaysia has been under lockdown since 18 March 2020. Only those providing essential services such as food,... View Post
  • Lockdown Care Package

    Send some love to your friends, family or even yourself while social distancing! Personalised notes   Buy 11 packs ➡️ FREE 1 pack ➡️ Inclusive of personalized note/s ➡️ FREE shipping for up to 3 addresses in WM / 2 addresses in EM / 1 address in WM + 1 address in EM ➡️ A portion of your proceed... View Post
  • We're now adding a new feature to our orders! You can now add personalised notes to any order.  Decor   View Post
  • 残留在片棒上的牛油泛着亲人间深厚的情谊;擀面杖上粘上细细碎碎的面粉,是那些过去心酸的点点滴滴;掌心是将梦想“嘭、嘭”地烤起来的烘焙箱——马来西亚本土小点心Kintry,每一口都是一位单亲母亲给予女儿的疼爱。 View Post