5 Healthy Snacks Ideas for Kids

When seeing your kids grow up, they are introduced to different foods and snacks to munch on without having a second look to know if they're nutritious for them. Sweet and salty foods can sometimes cause them to be picky about food. A huge factor that leads to this is their consumption of too much junk food.

Studies show that too much junk food consumption is alarming and harmful to everyone's health, especially to kids who are not fond of eating vegetables. With this, we’ve compiled some snacks that you can use to prepare food that may look "unhealthy" but is totally healthy for them!

Have a look at the list down below:

1. Popcorn

It may come as a surprise to some parents, but popcorn does not categorise as junk food. The only exception to this would be if you included any bad ingredients in the mix, such as cheese or barbecue-flavoured powders. Popcorn, even in its most basic form, can be considered a whole grain. They have fibre in them, which helps to keep bodies healthy and protects kids from problems like obesity.

You can add flavour to the popcorn while reducing the risk that it will have negative effects on your health by adding a tiny bit of butter and parmesan cheese.

2. Crackers

Crackers are a delicious and healthy replacement for the eating of sweet biscuits. You could get guaranteed health benefits, especially if you use multi-grain crackers or those with a lower sodium level. You can prepare them by spreading peanut butter or fruit jam to give the crackers some sweetness.

Make a cracker spread with your children as a fun activity! Like tuna spread, not only will this activity be fun for them, but they'll get to understand the importance of watching what they eat. Of course, they'll be excited to try the spread when they eat it with crackers!

3. Potato Crisps

Potato crisps are the primary ingredient in most types of junk food. But don't be under the misconception that they are always unhealthy! Potatoes are one of the most flexible types of snacks that are available because they can be used to make a wide variety of snacks such as french fries, mashed potatoes, and many more!

So, why not try homemade potato crisps from Kintry? It’s a total treat for kids and unique as it contains pure salted egg for its flavour! Though, try it first as most say even adults can’t resist! 

4. Oat-based treats

When we talk about oats, most people think that they are oatmeal, which is a good substitute for cereal every morning. However, oats can vary and can be used in multiple ways, similar to potatoes.

However, it’s better to opt for homemade oat-based snacks instead of the ones with high sugar levels and other preservatives that may give oats a false pretence of being healthy. Not convinced? You can create your own snack featuring oats like rolled oats or even our Honey Quinoa Granola as you make your granola bars or energy balls! 

5. Fruits 

Last but not the least, fruits are always a must. If your kids are not into eating fresh fruits, you can explore various recipes to make them eat them! You can create a fruit shake from fresh fruits or simply place them in the juicer and add some ice to taste their juice! 

Another option to make fruits more enjoyable for your kids is to make them fruit popsicles that they surely won’t resist! 


Key takeaways

Eating fast food and other junk foods is inevitable. For sure, when you were a kid, you’ve been through that phase where you weren’t fond of eating vegetables. Now as a parent, it’ll be a challenge for you to balance what your children eat. After all, you were a kid once, so having a cheat day won’t hurt! 



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