Start with a mom who loves to create goodies

With a curious mind, a passion to create and an appreciation for food she founded Kintry and the rest, as they say, is tasty.

How many of you want to share great food with your friends and family?
I know I sure do! Nothing brings people together like good food.

Kintry makes some seriously sedap food and every bite is filled with love and tastes great!

Remember when you were younger, eating and snacking with your family? Those unforgettable moments of fun and laughter. Kintry was built on those memories.

Going through a tough period in my life took a hit on me mentally and as I came out of it, it made me realise that I wanted to do more. I wanted to do something different, something that would honour my heritage and my family while helping people and thats when Kintry’s story began.

I remember my younger days of eating together with my family and those warm moments of love and home is what I want to be able to give everyone. In fact, the creative inspiration of the brand are images we all can resonate with, our childhood.

Crafting locally-influenced nibbles that bring you back to the familiar warmth of home. We source for premium natural ingredients and hand make our goodies from scratch in our HALAL kitchen.

We have community in mind and work towards that with Kintry Kindness, an initiative that works towards inspiring and helping underprivileged communities.

Think family,
think Kintry.
Sharing happiness
through food.

Michelle’s Story

My name is Michelle and this is my story which goes hand in hand with Kintry’s story. I used to work in marketing, photography and event management and later became a stay at home mom.

Throughout my journey I have come to realise that there’s a certain stigma to being a single parent. Attending various talks have made me realise that it doesn’t matter what other people think, what matters is what we think and what we can do to help others.

Going through the grief of losing my mum and difficulties in my divorce case, I started noticing how women feel so much guilt. As a mum, I would hear people say if mums work, they don’t spend enough time with the children, if they stay at home, they don’t have a career or something for themselves. It’s really unnecessary for women to feel guilt over these kind of things, there really isn’t a rule book on the choices we make and if we as women feel good about the way we want to raise our family or build our career then it’s great.

Michelle’s Story

During this period I was doing deep soul-searching and I wanted to be a role model and make my daughter proud. I wanted her to grow up strong and gracious and to realize she could do anything she wanted and she could do it with the strength inside her. This is why the brand and processes revolved around her.

My mother loved to cook, she had those old diaries and she used to cut up newspaper recipes from The Star or she would write them into the pages and it would just stacks of books filled with recipes. So with that I took her journals and started to experiment on my own. Due to Amelie having severe allergies to eggs and nuts when she was younger I had to cook and bake at home most of the time so these journals came in handy.

My daughter is my biggest inspiration to building Kintry and becoming a mother made me want to be a better role model for my daughter. She inspired me to be more creative with my work. It was important for me to show her how to love what you do and be happy doing it. I wanted to show her that we can do anything we wanted, that we can have the strength of being an independent women and the grace of being a mother.

Michelle’s Story

Many factors played a role in the growth and the most important ones are in my support system, my late father, who gave me unconditional love, my friends for being the ultimate cheerleaders and my partner Andy who gave me the confidence to keep going out there and to push myself and the company further.

I really believe it’s important for everyone to have a good support system and if they feel they don’t, just reach out, you never know who’s out there just waiting for you to help you.

Behind The Name

Michelle came up with a few names and let Amelie (who was age 2 at the time) choose her favourite. Kintry is short for Kindred Pantry.

Coincidentally the name sounds like “坚持” in Chinese which means persevere therefore we now use this as our Chinese name too. It has lots of meaning for the brand, to persevere through the hard times and to never stop moving forward.

Behind the products

The recipes were created by Michelle through countless months of R&D. People who knew her knows that she has lots of ideas, it would suddenly come to her to try a certain recipe and she would wait till Amelie fell asleep, creep into the kitchen and spend her nights testing recipes.

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Collaborate to build healthier communities

We truly believe that for small businesses like ours, collaboration is essential. Working together with other small companies to do something different just makes the process fun and fruitful. The best part is just meeting these amazing inspiring people along the way and listening to their stories. Being supportive of each other in a community just makes us all warm and fuzzy.

This is Kintry. This is family. A tribute to you, me, and everything we love.

This is Kintry.
This is family. A tribute to you, me and everything we love.

Social Initiatives and sustainability - Kintry Kindness

We have a social initiative called Kintry Kindness, it’s basically just a way where we reach out to help others. We work closely with Sze Women of Hope and UNHCR running classes and helping out when we can with refugees. We donate or cook for various homeless shelters and food banks around KL.

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