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Self Pick Up and Same Day Delivery available office hours only



Delivery: We aim to ship out orders within 24 hours!


How are we dealing with COVID-19? 

Serving our community is our highest priority. With the COVID-19 outbreak we understand there are many questions on you mind and we would like to assure you that we uphold the highest levels of product safety throughout our supply chain.

  • Our kitchen and distribution facilities maintain strict adherence to Halal and KKM for food handling and safety as mandated by the Malaysia Government, along with the CDC and WHO recommendations on Health Considerations with Pandemic Outbreaks. 
  • All products are monitored and sanitized through the entire supply chain, from the moment it arrives at our kitchen too the moment it goes out for shipment.
  •  Without everyone who has supported us over the years, Kintry wouldn’t be here. Therefore we want to try to lower all costs where possible while creating new value for clients.  
  • Our teams welfare is of utmost importance and we ensure proper protocols to make sure everyone is healthy and safe. 

How do I care for my products?

Eat the products immediately after opening as we do not use preservatives once the product is exposed to oxygen it degrades quickly. To preserve freshness, store in the fridge or place in an airtight container and freeze.

How long does Kintry stay fresh?

We encourage you to enjoy them at their freshest, on the day of opening the packet. If you plan to keep your products for longer than two days, store in the fridge or place in an airtight container and freeze.

Do you gift wrap or do gift baskets?

Yes we do, check out our gifts section for more information. We can add a personalised note to any purchase on the website.

Do you sell snack packs?

Yes, we do, please email us for more information or check out the photos here. Minimum order is 50 packets.

Can I order in advance?

Yes you can, leave us a note if you would like us to delay the shipping to a special date. 

How do I join Kintry as an agent? 

You can email us or WhatsApp us at +6011 2021 0288

Can you do bulk orders for events?

Yes! Of course!

Can you do custom stickers?

Yes! We can do custom stickers for our small packets subject to quantity. 

Is Kintry Vegan friendly?

Kintry is not vegan friendly due to the fact that we use butter in most of our products. The only product that is VEGAN is our Pandan Gula Melaka Granola and the rest are all vegetarian friendly as we do not deal with any meat products in our facility.

Is Kintry nut-free?

No, we are not, we use almonds, cashews, macadamia, hazelnuts, in our products therefore Kintry is not recommended for those with severe allergies to these ingredients.

Do your products contain trans fats?

No, Kintry does not contain trans fats.

Is Kintry Halal?

Yes, we are certified Halal by Jakim Malaysia

What other certifications does Kintry have?

We have Mesti and Buatan Malaysia and are currently applying for HACCP.