Healthy, Eco-Friendly treats from Origins Bulk Store and Kintry.

Origin Bulk Store PLT was founded with the mission to provide a sustainable alternative for grocery and gifting to the community. They believe that it's not too late; as consumers, we can still revert to our origins, how our parents and grandparents lived, when the single use plastic and throw-away culture did not exist.

We met Origins bulk store at a Shopify event at 3Damansara. Huay Ping, the founder, reached out to us and told us her story (amazing by the way) and she wanted to try to collaborate to put Kintry's items into her jars. We loved her cause so much that we decided to work together.

Basically how it works is that Origins bulk orders packed in big reusable plastic jars which they drop to us and we'd keep some of her jars with us so that when she wants to place an order we would just do an exchange. After that she repacks it in a sterile location into reusable glass jars (except potato chip which we use post-consumer CNY cookie jar) at Origin Bulk Store.

Origins has loads of eco-friendly gift ideas, amazing nuts and healthy treats for everyone in the family. We really respect the brand for what they are doing and believe that every little bit counts. 

Do check out their website at or Kintry's Collection at Origins Bulk Store

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