6 Must-Have Office Snacks to Boost your work productivity

As an employee, you need to know when there are times that the food or snacks you eat affect your work productivity. An article released by Harvard Business Review stated that the food we eat highly impacts our performance more than we think. When the food we eat is converted into glucose, it aids our brain in remaining alert.

Now, you might understand why you’re feeling droopy every time you eat cheeseburgers and other high-fat meals for lunch. Despite them fulfilling your appetite after a busy morning, you might find it difficult to finish your task in the afternoon. So, it’s best that you have some snacks by your table to help you boost your work performance to finish the work day! 

Take note of these snacks that might take up some space on your office desk. 

1. Nuts

Nuts are known for their healthy fats and proteins. They can be a big help in maintaining your focus while doing some tasks. You can keep a pack of almond nuts to keep your appetite in check without feeling too sluggish. 

Apart from almonds, cashews and macadamia nuts are good nuts to keep you focused at work. You can flavour these nuts as you work to make them taste better.

You might want to try out these Macadamia cookies with white choc chips from our shop!

2. Tuna

This fish is known for being rich in protein and other healthy nutrients such as potassium and essential fatty acids. This may not be considered a packed snack, but you can prepare tuna with bread and throw in some healthy veggies like tomatoes and coleslaw to make it a tuna sandwich! 

Not a fan of sandwiches? You can easily make a salad with tuna and some leafy greens to keep you full and on the task at work.

3. Granolas 

Granola oats are one of the most common office snacks that most employees have on their desks. However, some manufactured granolas can be misleading as they contain too much sugar and other unhealthy ingredients that can cause harm to your health.

There are some granolas such as our Honey Quinoa Granola, that are guaranteed to include a healthy balance of sugar and nutrients that’ll help you survive the day! You can add these to your yoghurt, ice cream, or your own snack mix! 

4. Fruits

Whether it's fresh or dried fruits, they are all approved to be a productivity booster at work! A single banana, avocado toast, or even berries are some of the fruits that are okay to munch on while at work. 

Each fresh fruit has been accompanied by healthy nutrients to help your brain get the job done without too many distractions. 

5. Dark Chocolates

Dark Chocolate is a great pick-me-up at work if you're a sweet tooth and can't live without it. Unlike milk chocolates, plain dark ones are rich in antioxidants and protein that will keep you going till the end of the workday.

Some dark chocolate-infused treats such as coated nuts and cookies are exceptional options if you need a sweet treat to push you to work harder. 

6. Green Tea or Coffee

They are not totally snacks per se, but these drinks are actually helpful when you’re at work! When you take your caffeine every morning, it helps you be more alert and more concentrated on the tasks you’ve been doing.

Meanwhile, Green Tea is an alternative if you are not a coffee lover. Green Tea has an amino acid that helps your brain be more active and be on guard. This makes these two drinks a good pairing if you want to take a break from snacking.

Bottom Line

Whatever food we eat always affects our day-to-day performance. Even if you deny it, some treats are to blame if you feel sluggish after taking on your lunch at work. We hope that the snacks listed above, some offered here at Kintry, can be of help to boost your work productivity! 


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