The struggle is real.

UPDATES - Thank you everyone, we have done our first round of donations.





The struggle is real.

Over the past 3 weeks, I have been worried sick about the team and the business and whether we would be able to pull through this period. 😢 It took me really long to decide whether or not to post this because i didn’t want to seem insincere. Maybe you can call me a dreamer but I honestly believe everyone genuinely wants to help. -MC

During the first 2 phases of MCO we did what we could to donate and help. Due to the extension into phase 3 we’ve realized that our team too needs to stay afloat and we tried to think about how to do that while trying to help others. 

Therefore for the next 2 weeks (extended till 12 May) we pledge for every purchase made on our website, a portion of proceeds will be donated to purchasing PPE for our local hospitals. 🚑 So in a way you all are helping us and our front-liners out too. 

We do feel it’s not very fair for us to ask all of you for help as we know everyone is going through their fair share of hardship but every little bit counts. So if you love our snacks 🍪 and want to help, do make a small purchase💵. Hopefully we can pull through this period while helping others too. 

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Much love from the Kintry team. ❤️

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